Monday, March 30, 2015

New Arrivals!!

These are the newest additions to our Young Adult collection.
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March 1st -19th
Red queen    
YA Ave   
Aveyard, Victoria

Doll bones
YA Bla  
Black, Holly

YA Car   
Carriger, Gail     
The seventh magpie    
YA Cha   
Chase, Nancy

Burning kingdoms
YA Des   
DeStefano, Lauren         
Perfect ruin    
YA Des   
DeStefano, Lauren   
The dead I know    
YA Gar   
Gardner, Scot         
Shadow scale
YA Har   
Hartman, Rachel         
Hostage run    
YA Kla   
Klavan, Andrew         
Crystal keepers      
YA Mul   
Mull, Brandon     
Vanishing girls      
YA Oli  
Oliver, Lauren

The winner's crime
YA Rut   
Rutkoski, Marie         
The winner's curse : a novel
YA Rut   
Rutkoski, Marie         
The Alex crow    
YA Smi   
Smith, Andrew          
Kin : a tale of beauty and madness
YA Stc   
St. Crow, Lili


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