Sunday, March 8, 2015

New Arrivals!!

These are the newest additions to our Young Adult collection.
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February 16th - 28th

The forgotten sisters  
YA Hal
Hale, Shannon
Published 2015         
The last time we say goodbye   
YA Han
Hand, Cynthia
Published 2015         
Better than perfect
YA Kan
Kantor, Melissa
Published 2015         
MindWar : a novel
YA Kla
Klavan, Andrew
Published 2014         
Inherit midnight
YA Mye
Myers, Kate Kae
Published 2015         
The Syndrome      
YA Pea
Pearson, Ridley
Published 2015         

YA Rei
Reichs, Kathy
Published 2015         
Zom-B bride  
YA Sha
Shan, Darren
Published 2015


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