Friday, November 13, 2015

New Arrivals!!

October 1st - November 1st

The Masked Truth
YA Arm   
Armstrong, Kelley

Manners & mutiny
YA Car   
Carriger, Gail

Happily ever after
YA Cas   
Cass, Kiera

The conjurer's riddle
YA Cre   
Cremer, Andrea R.     

Dark tide
YA Don   
Donnelly, Jennifer

Sky Key
YA Fre   
Frey, James

Wolf by wolf   
YA Gra   
Graudin, Ryan

YA Hop   
Hopkins, Ellen

YA Hun   
Hunter, C.

kid : old school
YA Kin   
Kinney, Jeff

The Rose Society
YA Lu   
Lu, Marie

Twilight/Life and Death
YA Mey   
Meyers, Stephanie

Newt's emerald
YA Nix   
Nix, Garth

The murder of an angel
YA Pat   
Patterson, James

Ice like fire
YA Raa   
Raasch, Sara

Carry on : the rise and fall of Simon Snow
YA Row   
Rowell, Rainbow

A mad zombie party
YA Sho   
Showalter, Gena

Black Widow : forever red    
YA Sto   
Stohl, Margaret

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Autotuned Physics

Aaaaaand I am going to just leave this right here. Happy first day of November!
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