Friday, May 16, 2014

20 Tweet-size Genre Descriptions

Ever wanted someone to very succinctly sum up the major genres/areas for you in a very snarky, hilarious manner? Look no further! Oh, you answered "No"? Well, here they are anyways. Check out this list of genre descriptions in 140 characters or shorter. (You know, Tweet size.) Here are a few of my favorite:

1. Literary Fiction: There was a guy whose life wasn’t so bad but he was unhappy anyway. The end I guess?
3. Romance: There was a lady who was under-appreciated by her husband/mother/evil fiancé. Then: the stable boy showed up.
4. Young Adult: Used to be Nancy Drew. Now it’s all death tournaments and werewolf love. The end.
8. Noir Mystery: Hey there, doll face. What’s going on? Oh, that. The end.
16. Serial Fiction: The exact same person solved the exact same problem the exact same way. Again. The end (not really).
20. Experimental Novel: A story written on the inside of a mango peel, backwards, in Sanskrit.

Which is your favorite?


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