Sunday, September 9, 2012

Librarian's Pick of the Week: The Goblin Wood

Title: The Goblin Wood
Author: Hilari Bell
Genre: Fantasy
Published: 2003
Age: 12+

Synopsis: When young hedgewitch Makenna witnesses the murder of her mother by their neighbors, she flees to the forest and forms an unexpected alliance with an army of goblins and leads an attack on the humans--who are now their common enemy.

Review: After her mother is drowned as a sorceress, young hedgewitch Makenna flees into the woodlands. While there, she accidentally antagonizes some goblins, who plague her until she captures one, Cogswhallop, and inadvertently puts him in her debt. As she travels with Cogswhallop, she learns goblin rules about repaying a favor, and she soon finds herself united with goblins in a battle against the ruling Hierarchy, bent on eradicating all magical creatures. Five years later, a young knight comes to Goblin Wood to trap a powerful human sorceress who is thought to lead an army of enslaved goblins. By this time, Makenna has become a strategist par excellence and the Hierarchy's greatest threat. Leavened by humor and a dollop of romance, this well-crafted fantasy adventure demonstrates Bell's talent for creating enduring characters and worlds. It also has a cliffhanger ending that begs a sequel.

If you're intrigued, don't forget to check our library's catalog for this book!


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