Friday, February 24, 2012

Librarian's Pick of the Week: Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood

Title: Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood
Author: Meredith Ann Pierce
Genre: Fantasy
Published: 2012
Age: 13+

Synopsis: First she is Brown Hannah, a drab healer living in the enchanted Tanglewood. Then, when she challenges the magician who holds her captive, she becomes Green Hannah. Next, she is Golden Hannah traveling through the land, with talking animals and birds by her side. And, finally, Russet Hannah, when she makes the long journey back to where she first grew, and learns her true story.

Review: "Pierce's latest is a mesmerizing tale is steeped in legends about Earth Mother. Brown Hannah, clad in brown leaves and with sprigs and buds growing in her hair, is a young healer who lives at the verge of Tanglewood. She has no memory of how she came there, and her only companions are Magpie, Badger, three mischievous fox pups, and a mysterious wizard who forbids her to leave the wood. Legend has it that within the wood lies a fabulous treasure, sought by knights from Faraway Isle and guarded by Golden Boar. One knight survives the vicious boar, and as Brown Hannah nurses him back to health, she learns the joys of human companionship. But the wizard mutes the knight and turns him into a fox. Enraged, Hannah flees with the fox and her companions, determined to restore the fox to human form. During her journey, she changes into Green Hannah, then Golden Hannah. When she reaches the place from which she first came, she becomes Russet Hannah, the season turns to autumn, and she discovers not only who she is but also what the future will bring. The telling is lyrical and magical, elegant in imagery, and memorable in characterization. It's a glorious return for Pierce." - Booklist

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