Monday, September 5, 2011

Was Your Dad Hip?

"Your dad played obscure musical instruments before you did and there’s a sultry flute ballad about your mom to prove it."

I just found this incredibly funny tumblr called Dads Are the Original Hipsters, which features old photos of dads looking super awesome back in the day. And each picture has a hilarious caption that points out that though hipster may feel that their trends are entirely original, they're not. Thank you Internet!

"Your dad wore tight shirts before you did and he has the stretched out fibers to prove it."

"Your dad knew how to rage before you did."

 "Your dad wore deep-V’s before you did and he has the photo of his man cleavage to prove it."

 "Your dad rode a skateboard before you did and he has a picture in Thrasher to prove it."


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